No bunga, no problem…

other types of ‘bunga’ can la…no problemo!

Bunga #1 – TiQue

Bunga #2 – Nice

Bunga #3 – Bird’s Nest

Bunga #4 – Itulah al-kisah Floria 2010. Slapping my forehead…what am I doing here at night. Lain kali datang la siang2 hari…

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4 Responses to No bunga, no problem…

  1. lvynana says:

    datang malam-malam carik burung hantu kot.

  2. fonsusz says:

    burung hantu tarak…burung2 ada la!

  3. tique says:

    eh..ada gambar saya…tak perasan pun before this..

  4. fonsusz says:

    mmm…tq singgah sini…

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